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Four Ways to Fight Foul Breath

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Bad breath can affect people of all ages.  Using mouth sprays and mints only cover up symptoms because bad breath is the result of bacteria build up. When air passes over that bacteria, it dries and causes a foul smell. There are four easy ways you and your children can avoid this persistent problem and have a healthier mouth in the process.

1. Brush Regularly.

It may seem obvious that we should all brush our teeth twice every day and floss daily to keep our teeth clean, but many people forget that your gums need cleaning, too.  Just beneath the gum line, bacteria can make camp for a long visit. Brushing your teeth (and gums) for 2 minutes twice a day will keep your breath crisp and keep your mouth healthy. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush.  Hard bristles can damage gums and create a bigger problem.

2. Use a Tongue Scraper.

Your tongue is a soft, moist incubator for bacteria.  Tongue scrapers work to wake to wake up that bacteria and kick them out of bed. Use a tongue scraper after every meal to ensure there are no left overs still hanging around.  The less leftover food particles on our tongues mean less fuel for bacteria growth.  The advent of disposable tongue scrapers makes this an easy and convenient way to fight bad breath.  Gently scrape from the back of your tongue to the tip and throw away.

3. Avoid Smelly (and Sugary) Foods.

What we put in our mouths can make a huge difference in the outcome of our breath.  Sugars from soda, candy and desserts feed the bacteria that give our breath its distinct smell.  Try avoiding sugary drinks and candies as much as possible and replacing them with sugar-free gum.  This increases the natural saliva flow in our mouths, which is a natural mouth cleanser.

4. Don’t Neglect Regular Cleanings.

That feeling of a completely clean mouth cannot be matched by any home cleaning.  Staying on top of your oral hygiene can make a big difference for mouth odor, but there is only so much you’re able do at home.  Dentists and professional dental hygienists know all the nooks and crannies that bacteria like to hide in.    Going to your regular dental appointments, every six months, will ensure that any spots that you cannot take care of in your daily cleaning regiment are properly tended to.

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